Here we'll add any important and not so important info we feel might assist or just amuse you during your wedding preparations.

Today noticed a photo I shoot in 2006 was all over BBC News. The eyes watching image help reduce bike theft by two thirds.


Instagram takes your great photographs and lets you add a little more life and oomph to them Here's our contribution.


Passion, Pride & Police Boxing Club.

The youg boxers and coahes of a boxing club located in Brownhill invited me to capture whilst training. Excellent way to keep firt and get in good shape for that special day


My nephew Jack, aged 14, needed a few minutes promo video to show his scooter tricks so we, well me, had a little fun putting this together.




Planning a civil partnership or wedding in 2014, why not get some inspiration from the show at the Liverpool Echo Arena, 16 March 2014.


Protecting your photographic memories.

Ensurring you keep your digital wedding photographs for the a lifetime, until recently, has proved problomatic and/or extensive. But now a whole host of cloud storage options are available and many are free. Google Drive, Hotmail's Skydrive, DropBox, The Box and Flickr are just a few available, but one of our favourites is Adobe Revel. For the first 30 days Adobe Revel allows you to store an unlimited number of photographs, so plenty of time to upload all your original full resolution wedding files and your entire backlog of personal photographs. After the 30 day has expired you can continue to upload 50 photographs per month for free for life. Give it a go. 


Best of 2012

Suzanne and myself after a heated debate, chose some of our favourite photofraphs from 2012.